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  • driving: age 16
  • smoking, sex: 18
  • drinking: 21
  • LSD: 24
  • run for senate: 30
  • super-LSD: 35
  • over the hill: 40
  • hyper-LSD: 70
  • dire mage: 95
  • lichdom: 140
  • act against god: 400
  • space cloud consciousness: 10000
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chai and chi haha hilarious

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nononanner replied to your post “tfw ur friend is lovely but their blog is too trash to follow”

u mean half of the people i’m friends with 😂😂😂😂

but not me bc my blog is gold

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tfw ur friend is lovely but their blog is too trash to follow

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why was girl at school walking around with a goddamn starbucks cup wtf

and i’m not saying that bc “ughhhh stupid girls and their starbucks”

but like

there are no starbucks in this country…. the closest one is 220 miles away

so…. did she come back from the one in austria just before class started?

or did she get the cup online or somewhere, made coffee at home and brought it here in that cup?

it wasn’t even one of those fancy cups, it was the cardboard one

i need answers

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♥ ★ ♔ ☄

♥ - Do you like Anyone?: yeah

★- Want any tattoos?: I have eight planned

♔- Top five favorite movies?: Schlussmacher, Cabin in the Woods, Beetlejuice, Mean Girls, Easy A (this list is constantly changing tho)

☄- I wish…: I wish I wasn’t so concerned about what others thought of me. I wish I didn’t have to calculate the angles of every picture taken of me. I wish I didn’t take half an hour to apply makeup every morning.

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Invade my privacy ☝ - How tall are you?
✔ - Sexual Orientation
♨ - Do you Smoke?
☟ - Do you Drink?
♒ - Do you Take Drugs?
☆ - Have Tattoos?
★ - Want any tattoos?
☯ - Got any Piercings?
✌ - Want any piercings?
♥ - Do you like anyone?
☄ - I wish…
® - Favorite foods?
♔ - Top 5 favorite movies?
☮ - Top 5 favorite TV shows?
✏ - Random fact about yourself.
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today my ex almost hugged me and it was kind of weird bc when he remembered that i wasnt about to hug him back he patted my shoulder

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